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addo: to give, bring, place,/inspire, cause, /add, join

virtus: excellence, character, worth 

We strive for excellence in all we do with the highest level of character at a value to you.

Life can be complicated. Aircraft completions can be as well. Addo Virtus is here to help. Drawing on decades of corporate aircraft interiors experience, we understand the process, pitfalls and peculiarities of completions and can partner with you make the completion of your new aircraft an enjoyable experience resulting in an aircraft you will enjoy for years to come.


Before you even make the decision to purchase an aircraft, you have been thinking about the right cabin and equipment for you. You probably didn’t even realize it, but when you sat in the seat of that chartered aircraft, you were making decisions about what you like and don’t like about the styling and comfort. When you checked your email, you already confirmed this is an important capability for your business.

Although these are obvious (and relatively easy) conclusions, there are hundreds of other considerations which are equally, if not more important to “get right the first time”. What percentage of your travel will be during the business day; overnight? How many people will be travelling with you? Will you utilize the services of a Flight Attendant? What are your total communications needs, and how do you protect your investment from obsolescence?

With our extensive Total Use Profile Analysis and Ranking system, we can help you select an aircraft interior configuration and options that fit you.


You wouldn’t buy an aircraft without flying in it first, but what should you take away from the demonstration flight? Was it merely an opportunity to get from Point A to Point B? Or, was it a prolonged sales pitch by the energetic salesman who is hoping the trip will “close the deal”? While either (or both) of the above scenarios may materialize, it’s what you are not getting from this flight that really matters…

A demonstration flight is the only time to fully evaluate portions of the travel experience that simply can’t be duplicated on the ground…Cabin sound levels (source and frequency), temperature control and zonal comfort, bright sunlight exposed fit and finish, systems performance, ergonomic considerations for different flight profiles…and much more.

Our extensive in-flight cabin review experience will allow for much discussion about the things you will notice after you take delivery and are spending time on-board.

Let us accompany you on the demonstration flight so that you see more than the beautiful scenery out of the see what you will notice later.

Negotiation Assistance

What options should you choose? As important a question is WHEN should you choose your options? If your aircraft is to deliver 18 months from now or later, it may still be beneficial to select some options during the offer and negotiation process. Addo Virtus will help you evaluate the benefits of now vs. during the detailed specification process.

Financial Considerations

Sometimes, you just must have the newest widget or gadget on your aircraft. Or, you may have a special need that can only be accommodated with a custom installation. These “1-off” or “early adopter” installations bring to light more than just the need they fulfill. Often, these installations can require special considerations from both you and the OEM. Addo Virtus can assist in bridging that gap so expectations are managed and you can relax knowing you will have the necessary support after delivery.

Definition and Design Process

There’s an old saying that “a building is only as strong as its foundation”. This pretty much sums up the aircraft interior Definition and Design Process. Your new aircraft interior will be built to the specifications you approve. But what are you approving? Addo Virtus can provide in-depth interior definition process assistance and insight to ensure you know what you are getting and that you don’t miss the opportunity to get what you want.


Outfitting and aircraft is a complex project. Invariably, issues arise. Addo Virtus can assist in the management and oversight of the completion process, releasing you to focus on your core business…whether that is running your company or allowing your flight department to focus on flight operations.


As a supplier to the corporate aviation industry, you work hard to ensure your products are the best they can be, filling a need in your market segment better than anyone else. Whether you are a veteran company with years of experience and a mature product portfolio or a start-up with an innovative new product, Addo Virtus can help you develop the best products possible.

With years of experience in aircraft interior systems sales, design, integration, testing and enhancement coupled with extensive interaction directly with the end user and an eye for detail, Addo Virtus can provide insight and direction on Real, Expected and Perceived Quality of your products. Areas of focus are User Interface in an Aircraft Environment, Features and Functions Balance, Road Mapping and Innovation for the future, and Installation and Maintenance Robustness.